FORBES International Property agents are sellers’ agents, not buyers’ agents, which means that our services to buyers are absolutely free of any fees or legal contracts.

We know that most buyers will eventually become vendors, so it is in our best interest to establish a positive relationship with them as early as possible in their Real Estate experience.

As a buyer, your journey needs clear guidance and a straightforward process before you can make any conclusive life changing decision.

The real value lies on identifying properties currently ‘off market’ that meet your criteria and FORBES International Property privileged position is pivotal in granting you

access to these properties.


Real Estate is one of the most important and stressful purchases you can make, and getting it right can be a tedious and complicated process for most buyers.


At times, finding the property that ticks all the right boxes can be overwhelming and can take a long time. Also, the risk of overpaying or missing out is always there.

We match buyers with their dream property and at the right price by searching through our extended networks of associated professional Buyers’ and Sellers’ Agents.

Our ability to negotiate a deal will likely get you a better price at a much faster time than you would get yourself and it all comes at no cost to you.

Simply submit your details and we’ll start the searching process right away.  CONTACT FORBES


Visit http://firb.gov.au/ for more details.


As stated on the Property, Stock and Business Agents Act 2002, residential real estate means all Australian urban land other than commercial properties (that is offices, factories, warehouses, restaurants, shops). Acquisitions of ‘hobby farms’ and ‘rural residential’ blocks by foreign interests are included in the residential real estate category.

Foreign nationals intending to purchase real estate in Australia must seek prior approval from the Government through the Foreign Investment Review Board unless specifically exempted by the Foreign Acquisitions and Takeovers Regulations.

Entering into a Contract

All contracts by foreign persons to acquire interests in Australian real estate must be made conditional upon foreign investment approval, unless approval was obtained prior to entering into the contract.

For properties to be purchased at auction, prior foreign investment approval must still be obtained and advice provided whether the parties were successful or not, and if so, a copy of the signed contract forwarded to the Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB) after the auction.



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