The marketing and sale of prestigious property needs to be as remarkable as the property itself. Representing the owners and their property successfully requires highly-qualified real estate professionals with local know-how and global reach.

From the moment you trust a FORBES International Property member to market your property, a partnership journey begins immediately.
We have a genuine belief in our process, which ultimately translates into achieving the best price for your property.

We know that the energy invested into providing an outstanding service always ensures our clients receive great results and an exceptional experience.


No two properties or sellers’ particular situations are the same.

Conditions vary even for the same property and the same seller but in different times of their lives.

The key essentials when choosing the right professional to represent you are:

  • Vetted credentials
  • Results achieved
  • Communication / Feedback
  • Negotiation skills
  • Personal and business brands’ clout
  • Personal referrals and professional reviews
  • The overall experience

Each and everyone of our members property listings receives full focused attention and our professionals work closely in unison with you to achieve YOUR goals.

Immediately after being entrusted with representing you in the sale of your property, our progress reports go into full motion.

They include local and global marketing initiatives, online and off line networking possibilities, Open For Inspection reports and voice calls to discuss the up to the minute activity and progress.

In Real Estate we know that ‘No news is BAD news’.


First impressions are a real driver and motivator of emotional buying and the right styling presentation can make a crucial difference to the successful sale of your property.

A property’s visual appeal will effectively help create the emotional link that makes a buyer literally fall in love with a property.

FORBES International Property members take great care to ensure your property is presented in its absolute best light.

Property Styling is the ‘fashion’ of Real Estate and when it comes to Property Styling, no one style fits all.




The cornerstone of FORBES IP members targeted ‘Buyer-Vendor matching’ program (BVM program) lies on their large and qualified database of local buyers, sellers, investors, developers and professional colleagues interested in the market areas where FORBES’ Members are strongest.

Data is constantly checked for accuracy and currency through a fastidious and stringent maintenance of dedicated CRMs, putting emphasis on a carefully curated, up-to-date database with complete client information.

As Domain.com.au in Australia puts it:

“In the information age, the best real estate agents know how to use a customer relationship management (CRM) database to their advantage as they have the potential to serve as a powerful tool that can vastly improve sales productivity”.

When a Real Estate agency states that they are: “Independently Owned and Operated”, it also applies to their databases.

In terms of database power, it makes no difference how many offices any company may have on its network as they all are “Independently Owned and Operated” just like any other non franchised agency in your neighbourhood.

At FORBES International Property, we offer an ‘Off Market’ property alert to all subscription holders and we also circulate it throughout all our Members .

Those whose criteria matches the details of their property search, receive a ‘Matched Property Alert’ which includes a link with complete details such as description, floor plan, price guide and images of the property and contact details of the listing agents.


From our dedicated Social Media pages, we are constantly strengthening our presence on all platforms and heavily boost our members’ listings and our partners’ brands through Facebook and Instagram.

Social media portals increasingly continue to be the source of reference for buyers, sellers and investors of all demographics and one of the best value for money marketing tools.

All key players in Real Estate engage daily with the main social platforms and we understand the power of social media when it comes to reaching key demographics.

Get exclusive access to off market opportunities and gain a fresh perspective on selling your home or investment property.

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