Whether you are thinking about selling,  checking your equity position or simply interested on the Real Estate Market, it all comes down to the same question:


An independent and accurate assessment of value will protect the price of your property and is far more reaching than searching the web with any Real Estate tool available today.

Appraisals are time-bound, and in an ever-changing market they are short lived so their true value lies on how current and dependable they are.

Think of Real Estate as an investment like shares, which we would check daily, a property’s worth also varies constantly.

An updated and professionally prepared Market Appraisal is a real time diagnosis of the economic meaning your property currently represents in your financial life.

Not all Appraisals are created equal, so to accurately ascertain your property’s current true market value will involve:

      1. Determining its value in the current environment using data from recent (on & off-market) local comparable sales.
      2. Tapping into the emotional value brought from potential buyers in our database.
      3. Adding extra value from recent renovations and upgrades done and the property’s location.
      4. Potential developments, local projects and works that can impact on its value.

This will not only help you know your property’s value, but most importantly, this market intelligence will help you understand it and empower you to make an educated and unbiased decision.

To find out what your home or investment property is worth right now, simply fill in a few details and we will organise an accurate, confidential and obligation free market appraisal.


Get exclusive access to off market opportunities and gain a fresh perspective on selling your home or investment property.

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